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When it comes to functionality, ease of use, cost, and significance to your department, Telexy is truly unique. We keep striving to exert best replica watches as much effort as you do to provide the award-winning service that your patients presume from you.

HIPPA Compliant

We at Telxy ensure protection of patient medical records under HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

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Telemedicine attracts more patients to your practice, reduces no-show rates, and retains existing customers.

Trusted by over 30,000 healthcare providers and 1,500,000 users

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Telxy is a fast, straightforward, and easy-to-use telemedicine solution that is best for patients and clinicians.

Dedicated Support

Telxy delivers patient-centric support for maximum client satisfaction

Virtual Visit

Smartly virtualize your practice and ensure maximum patient service delivery with Telxy


Keep notes of important vitals during the virtual visit and use it later for prescription.


Schedule appointments on the go and avoid no-shows with appointment reminder messages.
A Multifaceted

Telemedicine Partner for Successful Digital Health Outcomes

We keep striving to exert as much effort as you do to provide the award-winning service that your patients expect from you.

When it comes to functionality, ease of use, cost, and significance to your facility,

Telxy is Truly Unique

We are on the verge of revolutionizing healthcare, making it more accessible and affordable.


Secure and convenient payment method for providers to get paid instantly via telxy


Experience telemedicine's convenience with our platform, accessible on multiple devices.

Multi Specialty

Telxy delivers multi-specialty telemedicine services both for providers and patients

User Friendly

Simplified Interface Improves communication, navigation, and engagement ensuring a seamless experience.

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Telemedicine for Providers: Enhancing the Accessibility and Efficiency of Healthcare

Can Telxy be trusted as a secure and reliable telemedicine platform?

At Telxy, we prioritize safety and security. Our platform is designed to meet HIPAA compliance, with layered security features and comprehensive instructions and documentation available to ensure standards are upheld.

Is using telemedicine technology user-friendly for patients and healthcare providers?

We understand that ease of use is crucial for telemedicine technology to be effective. That’s why our telemedicine software is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for patients and providers to quickly familiarize themselves with our platform.

In what ways can telemedicine support healthcare providers in managing patient flow and enhancing access to care?

Telemedicine has numerous benefits for healthcare providers, including the ability to reach patients located remotely. This is particularly helpful for specialists working in large urban hospitals who need to communicate with patients living in rural areas. Additionally, providers can supplement their income by seeing patients via Telxy at their convenience.

What advantages does telemedicine offer healthcare providers in terms of patient engagement and satisfaction?

At Telxy, we believe that telemedicine can enhance patient flow by addressing remote health issues in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Clinical trials have shown that online video visits take significantly less time than in-office visits, with the average online visit taking about 5-6 minutes compared to 15-20 minutes for an in-office visit.