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Offering a full spectrum of care powered by technology and data to improve health at scale, we are revolutionizing the patient experience. 

Our telehealth solutions reduce overall healthcare costs while making it simple for you to access top-notch care wherever you go.

All in one Healthcare

Platform that satisfies your needs

Accessibility to Specialists

No matter where you are, you no longer need to travel far to consult the best specialists. We are here to deliver excellent patient care and in-depth treatment.

Schedule Appointment

You can schedule appointments online and contact the provider directly if you need to; you won't have to wait for your turn for hours.

Appointment Reminders

Never miss an appointment again with our efficient appointment reminder feature. Get all notifications ahead of your virtual visit.

Access to Health Records

Telxy offers an intelligent database to store and arrange patient data. Consequently, the physician can be familiar with the patient's prior treatment when they return.

HIPPA Compliant

Our HIPAA-compliant system's security guarantees that patient information is secure and cannot leak. Our team is very serious about HIPAA compliance.

EHR Integration

You receive customized care from the best healthcare professionals from all over the country. Expect more at the comfort of your home.
Experienced and

Certified providers are our top-secret to top notch virtual care

Get multiple approaches for medical services; board-certified physician assistants can provide you with a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription.

Treatment Plan
You get access to the treatment plan, logs, records, lab results, and transcripts of patient-physician interactions to keep track and use in future.
Patient Portal
With the security of a username and password, a patient portal enables you to schedule appointments and ask for prescription refills.
An Innovative and

Inexpensive Way to Get Treated Well

Consult a physician online without leaving your home. High-quality care can help you conveniently manage your health. Find top-notch medical professionals on our platform. Quickly schedule a medical appointment, test, lab, or anything else.

Board-certified medical professionals

Patient-centered care

Your 24/7 online medical center

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you if you still need to get what you want?

You can use any portable device to access Our telehealth solutions; works with all current web browsers and don't require downloads.

With a focus on simplicity, offers patients a quick and easy way to connect with their physicians via video call. You need a few clicks to go away with your online consultation.

Yes. Telxy platform is more private than an office visit in many ways. Your communication with the provider can be recorded on a secure server and encrypted from beginning to end. Our Services fully comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act ( HIPPA ).

Patients now have the option to receive care via telemedicine without having to see a physician. The patient does not have to travel or spend money on parking, saving them time and money. Additionally,  you don't risk getting infected by others with a contagious disease.