Standardizing the delivery of

hybrid and virtual care for providers and health systems

With Telxy platform, you can retain and continue to expand your market share, boost revenue, and improve the patient experience. 

The straightforward and reliable telemedicine platform. We have deemed telemedicine highly simple for you. Create your account and begin practicing telemedicine right away.

A centralized platform to

Automate your digital practice

Browser Based App

Our simple user interface for providers can be accessed through a web browser on a smartphone or desktop.

Reminders Notifications

Reminders notifications for both patients & providers prevent no-shows and save your practice money.

Clinical Documentation

A robust platform that stores and manages patient-doctor interactions and all clinical documentation.

Effortless scheduling

Managing daily appointments and delivering on-time care to patients is easier with Telxy.

Screen Sharing

Our built-in screen-sharing feature lets you stay compliant and perform treatment better.

EHR Integration

Access patient data while having cloud-based consultations with patients by integrating with apps.
With advanced and innovative technology

We are reinventing virtual consultation and care delivery for providers

Checking your patient’s test results, prescription refills, coordinating your patients, or making a consultation online with ease of your schedule.

Our platform shields physicians from no-shows. We help healthcare professionals save time and boost revenue.  

Remote Monitoring
Generate personalized care plans to track and monitor your patient's in-between visits. Monitoring reduces the likelihood of health issues between clinic visits and improves treatment adherence.
Patient Queries
Ease of patient access on your aspects, respond to patients' questions without interfering with your private time. This is a wonderful way to assist your patients with any health or medication questions.
You can make more of your day and

increase revenue with virtual consultation

Many healthcare practitioners lose patients to competitors who provide more convenient care accessibility. You can create consumer experiences that attract, engage, and retain new and existing patients using the Telxy platform. We have an efficient system for obtaining specialty consultations from specialists through the following channels

Live video consultations

Discussion between medical experts

Framework for Case Review

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled our most frequently asked questions to give you the thorough understanding you need to start employing the telehealth platform.

Our telemedicine application comes with tons of features that are but not limited to:

  • Audio and video capabilities for conferences
  • Creation of a consultation summary
  • Communication that complies with HIPAA
  • Remote appointments and scheduling
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • and much more

You can attend your patients whenever you want, depending on your schedule. You can see patients from the comfort of your home or workplace. Telxy telehealth services are available when you are. Ease of patient access on your aspects, respond to patients' questions without interfering with your private time.

To conduct a telehealth visit, you must join your scheduled appointment with your patients. Consider these points to follow for conducting a telehealth visit:

  • Suppose about speaking clearly and maintaining eye contact with the patient.
  • Contemplate the surroundings and setting of the video visit.
  • Arrive on time or a little early to settle in and feel comfortable.
  • Inform the patient of your decisions.
  • Request the patient's opinion.